Finding Ways to Manage Old Anger When You Finally Choose to Stop Carrying It

  So many people feel they can’t or mustn’t be angry – so often people will say in the course of conversation or therapy, and usually in a roundabout way, ‘Don’t stoke the fires !  If I was to become angry, the world would end.  You would no longer like me and actually, I would […]

Disordered Eating and Body Chaos: A Personal Story and Thoughts on Ways to Approach  Distorted Relationships with Food

My own serious experience with anorexia began way back in the 1970s when there was arguably significantly less understanding and Anorexia was portrayed as an illness that was solely about girls and young women trying to be stick thin in order to emulate film stars and models of the time.   Those big TV shows […]

Workplace Bullying: Emotional Abuse that happens at Work

A recent policy paper from ACAS commented that workplace bullying is on the increase and a serious problem in British companies.  The Guardian has called it ‘the silent epidemic’, and whilst this is no surprise to the countless individuals who endure it every year, identifying it can be problematic as victims’ experiences are often not […]

Feeling Safe In Your Relationship – How to be with Unspoken Anxiety About ‘Where it’s going’

  It strikes me that in the life cycle of a typical romantic relationship, there is a strange part which occurs just after the heady early days about which very little is ever written. It’s a time where, depending on your level of personal happiness and equilibrium, you may cope either very well or quite poorly on not […]

Why do we find Change so Difficult ? … And some theories about how Procrastination fits in with Conscious Choice

  Ever noticed that you constantly outline your plans to make over yourself, a room in your house, your finances, your garden, change your career path, any number of things …. and yet also experience yourself curiously unable to make the time, take even the first steps, carve out any space at all to get cracking with it […]

Twelve Remedies For Recovery from the Acute Pain of Heartbreak

1. Reach out to your friends so that losing this partner does not mean isolation or deprivation from human warmth. One of the things we miss most when we lose a partner, is that soft voice in the night, that person you share good news with, you connect with when you are just doing nothing much, parking your […]