Some lovely testimonials I have received from recent clients:



Thank you so much Helen for your help over the last 3 months.

I knew I needed to talk through and solve a couple of issues in my life but I never realised the effect your sessions would have on me as a whole.


You provided me with space and the ability to listen without judgement which allowed me to open up and explore what I was truly feeling and act on decisions.

I feel so much stronger in my own mind and happier as a result. I’m so glad I had counselling – it is one of the best decisions I’ve made.




My experience of Helen’s counselling was extremely positive. Helen immediately demonstrated advanced empathy when I was dealing with an upsetting bullying situation which of course resonated with other situations in my past and some of my present life.


I was held through the eye of the storm which was very adept of Helen as I had ‘pressure of speech’ due to the degree of angst I was feeling. Helen was able to help me make sense of it all and gave me a feeling of strength and worth which I sorely needed. I was left with tools to deal with the future and the knowledge that I could contact her again if it should be necessary and appropriate.


I would not hesitate to recommend Helen if you needed warm yet entirely professional counselling.